“Cradle-to-Cradle” SERVICE:

Our experienced team will give you superior service from the very beginning to the end.  Customer Service is something we proudly stand behind.  Service includes:


Budget Development

We track the budget from early stages and modify them as the spaces start to take shape.  Understanding the importance of keeping the client in the loop and on top of the budget helps with the overall GMP, whether it be a small dining room renovation to a full-blown CCRC.  Working directly with the interior design team helps track and continue to develop/craft the budget for the furnishings to make sure the design is seen though to the end.


Product Sourcing

Our extensive working relationships with preferred vendors helps keep the design in line with the budget and also give us the flexibility to help control the quality of product going into your community.  Constant innovative solutions and paring with specialty vendors to help support Senior Ergonomics help keep our service and expertise above the rest.


Project Management

Our team will work with you to develop and execute the project according to the construction timeline, storage resources, and availability of products.


Procurement Administration

We develop specifications, issue purchase orders, qualify invoices and make requests for payment according to the cash flow and terms & conditions of the contracts.


Vendor Tracking

We confirm availability of all products, maintain a vendor delivery report, and advise of potential schedule conflicts.


Delivery Management

Our team will be on-site to manage all deliveries and coordinate efforts between construction, operations and FF&E.  All products will be placed according to the plans and all debris will be removed from the site.


Post Occupancy Service

Although we don’t warrant the products procured on your behalf, we will service and help coordinate resolution of all post occupancy issues.

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