Interior Finishes 

creative selection

When designing for a Life Plan Community or CCRC, finish selections for the Continuum of Care is at the forefront of OUR selections.  The purpose behind our design drives our passion in each selection[s] on the appropriate materials for each space, regardless of the application. 

eight twenty 8 DESIGN unifies the look & feel of design in all levels of care from (IL) Independent Living to (SL) Skilled Living.  Creating the same experience of space and environment, with good design, will bring a cohesive approach at each level, boosting the benefits of living and thriving for residents and staff alike.  

The evolution of interior finish selection begins with the importance of question.  When you speak we LISTEN.  Part of interior “visioning” starts with a strong concept and carry’s though to the design. 


“If we pick the color blue, we will tell you the reason why we picked it,”

  states Keri Moore-Muniz. 



Color and pattern play a huge role whether it being making a statement to a guiding factor in memory care or skilled living.  Our extensive background in senior living design adds value to the process and removes the trial and error that other firms may still be exploring.



Each client, market, & community are different.  Bringing that unique culture through

(in the expression of design) is vital to setting you apart from your competition & the neighboring communities. 

eight twenty 8 DESIGN eliminates the "cookie-cutter" approach and DESIGNS FOR YOU.




As requested, can be developed from an interiors perspective to unify community locations across your state or country.  This doesn’t mean each community is exact in its selections and finishes. However, we can bring exclusive appeal in subtle details as a blending vision, as each community will still have a distinctive culture regardless of the “brand.”