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Choosing the Right Furniture for Senior Living Communities

A lot more thought goes into selecting furniture for your senior living space than you may have considered. Whether you are decorating a space for independent Living retirement communities, assisted living & memory care communities, or skilled nursing facilities, start by selecting furniture that's tailored to your community. 


Why You Need an Effective Design Plan in Senior Living Interior Design

Designing or updating a senior living community is a unique process that requires specialized skills and experience. Whether you're creating a space for Independent Living retirement communities, assisted living & memory care communities, or skilled nursing facilities, you need a design plan that's right for you.


2022 Senior Living Interior Design Trends

Due to the growth of the senior population and their preference for aging at home, interior design will continue to be an important aspect for owners and operators to consider when building or renovating their communities. Whether you’re interested in updating your current senior living community, developing a modern new community, or educating yourself on the upcoming trends, hiring an interior design company can take you from concept to reality.


The Ultimate Guide to Senior Living Interior Design

Interior design in senior living is more than paint colors and finishes. The industry requires specific attention to detail that commercial or residential designers might not understand. Senior living interior design isn’t just about making pretty interiors, but rather about enhancing the life of your community as a means to provide good services and quality of life for your residents.