If You’re Not Sure What to Do…Pick Neutrals! 

When a full renovation or redesign of a senior living community is out of budget or too daunting, there are small investments that make a BIG impact!

What space needs a fresh design? The goal and functionality of each multipurpose room, unit, or campus as a whole must be taken into consideration as well as the residents who will use it. When budget and vision align, it’s time to call in an industry expert to design the space that is both beautiful and practical for the aging adults living in the community.

Learn how using paint, fabrics and accessories can change a space without major renovations!

Design for Each Campus 

No two spaces are the same. Every detail from the vibe when a visitor or resident walks through the front door to the lighting and accessories is taken into account when starting a design project. Each room has a unique function and aesthetic. Being able to understand the purpose of each space is a key driver in the designs of 828id. These unique aspects should be accentuated to highlight the best aspects of each space. 

But when a total refresh of a campus is not possible, the focus should be on creating the desired aesthetic and building a roadmap to success. Many times this includes NEUTRALS! Using classic neutral updates like paint, rugs, and accessories can brighten, or warm, a space to give a glowing new look while staying on a budget. 

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Unit Turns and Hallways are Important Too

Smaller refreshes like unit turns or hallway makeovers can use unique changes to completely revamp a space. Changing one aspect, like wall color, can rejuvenate and lift a space to create a more inviting and relaxing atmosphere. 

Interior designers can take existing community improvements that the community maintenance director already does, and when adding in a desired theme or vibe, the design team can radically update a space with artwork, pillows, and furnishings. 

At 828id, we believe color studies help in the decision making process as well as help your residents be a part of the repainting process as well. 

Keri talks about color studies

Interior designer selecting colors for a project

Picking Colors

We know color can make or break a room. There are so many to choose from with varying shades and hues. From bright vibrant colors to warm soothing tones, what’s the best option for seniors to truly want to spend time in that space? 

Aging affects everything and seeing color is no different. HealthDay News talks about a study that finds many people lose their ability to distinguish colors as they age, typically starting around the age of 70. The ability to see colors diminishes as we age, dulling colors and giving them a yellowish hue. This is different from color-blindedness, but can give seniors a difficult time distinguishing blues from purples or yellows from yellow-greens. 

This affects what colors a community should navigate towards and is considered when design firms choose color pallets. 828id brings the best options for the functional needs of the room, the needs of the residents and team members, as well as creating a welcoming environment for all involved. 

There are many communities that may not have the budget for a designer, so how do you pick the right color for your senior living community? 

The best option in choosing practical colors is to go with neutrals. When investing in a refresh of  a space, neutrals allow for a classic feel that doesn’t date the space. 

Keri and Kelisa

Designers love seeing spaces come back to life, showcasing the best qualities of the space and the community. Making it fit the needs for the space and working within the set budget is 828id’s specialty. 

At 828id, we help you create a vision for your space, bring it to life the right way, and so much more. From crafting a plan for your community to procuring the perfect furnishings, we have the vendors and the know-how to make your ready-made plans a reality. Contact us today, we’re here to help. 

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“Knowing the direct impact I’ve experienced with seniors, just through the basics of design, fuels my passion for improving the lives of people who mean the most to us.”
— Keri Moore-Muñiz, President