828id is known for spunk, a pop of color and a passion for the senior living industry. The firm’s drive for making an impact is led by industry interior design expert and thought leader, 828id Founder and CEO Keri Moore-Muniz.

Meet Keri Moore-Muniz

With over 25 years of combined interior design experience, projects in 18 states and two countries, and an award-winning team, 828id Founder and CEO, Keri Moore-Muniz has found her niche in the senior living industry.

Growing up in a tiny town in Texas where her family and experiences provided deep roots paved the way  to shape her work ethic, passion and charisma. Keri has always had a natural bent towards visuals, art and stories depicted through color. In 2017, after gaining valuable knowledge and hands-on learning at several interior design firms, Keri determined that her approach to design combined with the passion she had embraced in the senior care industry led towards launching her own design firm.

828id is a boutique interior design firm dedicated to the senior living industry. The firm’s brand, 828id, originated from Keri’s hometown post office box where she and her twin sister, Kelisa, grew up. The special upbringing and memories of that Texas town became the cornerstone of her design firm, and the name with that noteable yellow “8” is a nod to her childhood.

From beginning the entrepreneurial journey in her sunroom with just a computer and desk built by hand – of pipe and plywood – to owning a boutique design firm with multiple designers and team members, Keri prides herself on remaining intentional on building a tight knit design family who rely on each other.

“I’ve worked really hard at trying to be very creative in empowering our team members, to help me grow, to help them grow, and we do it together.” – Keri

“When you can hear Keri’s story and see her passion it just bleeds into you and bleeds into our team. For her to be able to use her experiences and her knowledge when she’s collaborating with the team and in the design, that really funnels through and she helps them understand the “why.” I think because our team understands the “why” it fuels their passion and helps appreciate and learn to love senior living as well!” – Kelisa Nelson, Director of Operations

Why Senior Living?

During college, Keri recognized that she loved design.. When researching senior living, it became clear  that each design type had project uniqueness, yet the underlying mission was consistent: aim to make a meaningful difference for the residents and communities we serve through design. 

This passion for the industry brings joy and passion to each sketch, rendering, and installation. 

Quick apartment finishes?

Intermediate spaces during transitioning?

Hospitality design?

Residential design?

When Keri onboards new designers, she says, “Guess what? You get to do it all!” If designers are more geared toward hospitality, then they’ll design the latest new bar, bistro or cafe, dining space, living room or lobby. 828id also provides procurement services for a turn-key solution for clients. . One component of Keri’s firm: no two days are the same! Each client, each project, each design brings about a special feature.

Design for Different Care Types

Just because someone is aging doesn’t mean a future in a sterile environment. Keri and the team at 828id believe that senior living communities can have the most beautiful reception desk in the independent living lobby and the identical reception desk should be in the skilled nursing lobby. She stands by the fact that a higher level of care and acuity doesn’t mean having to take a step down in that environment.

“It’s our responsibility as designers to make really smart design decisions that are elevated, that look beautiful, that create amazing environments, that are easy to maintain for staff and safe for the residents.” – Keri

There are many factors that weigh into the design direction for different care types. Each community in the continuum of care requires specific components according to state licensure, and the knowledge and expertise in the industry allows 828id to also include design elements that are best for the care type.

Collaborative Design Approach

Transparency and collaboration are key in the design process. 828id hopes that every project will have the best products, best manufacturers, the newest fabric, but the team understands  that’s not always reality. Some markets lean towards luxury and high-end living while others focus on affordable style living. It requires ongoing conversations with the client to create an award-winning design (even if the budget is tight!).

The designers at 828id keep in mind both the client’s design and the client’s business model to produce the best ROI.

“I treat their money like it’s my money. We make the dollar stretch as much as we can.” – Keri

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Empowering the Team

It’s the goal of 828id leadership to cultivate a learning environment by mentoring, educating, and teaching new designers everything they need to know about senior living design.  Keri believes it’s important for new designers to immerse themselves in the 5 Phases of Design:

  1. Conceptual Planning and Strategic Visioning
  2. Design Documentation and Visualization
  3. Interior Finishes
  4. Interior Construction Administration and Project Management
  5. Furnishings

The team maintains flexibility as to not lose creativity and expression when designing spaces for seniors.

Pop Quiz with Keri

Favorite color?
It changes every year! Right now it’s white. I know that’s probably not a color for most people, but my favorite color is white.

How do you take your coffee?
Black with a splash of cream.

Favorite cocktail?
A Mexican martini.

Favorite season of the year?

Favorite holiday and why?
Thanksgiving. It’s all my favorite food – mashed potatoes, gravy. It’s my excuse to eat as many mashed potatoes as I can.

Favorite magazine?
I’m highly into travel magazines. That’s my favorite. I don’t read because I don’t have the attention span. I love pictures. Give me everything in color and paint me a virtual reality like environment. I’m a “picture person,” so when I buy things to read, it’s always like Condé Nast and any travel magazine that I can get my hands on.

What’s your bucket list vacation?
Australia! And I want to go to Spain. Those are the two top right now. 

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“Knowing the direct impact I’ve experienced with seniors, just through the basics of design, fuels my passion for improving the lives of people who mean the most to us.”
— Keri Moore-Muñiz, President