FF&E….translation please! [ Fixtures, Furniture & Equipment ]

a.k.a. Furniture, Artwork, Window Treatments, Accessories       


all the "pretty's"

Furnishings & Sustainability

Senior ergonomics are a necessity when designing for the aging population.  Strict criteria are evaluated for each level of care with regards to each piece’s selection & the built environment, whether it be furniture, artwork or window treatments.  Sustainable products either to meet a green building requirement or from a sustainable performance level is gaged independently by the design team.  eight twenty 8 DESIGN prides themselves of creativity and collaboration with their vendors and products they bring to the table.



Helps sets the tone of your built environment.  From getting the newly constructed or renovated space move-in ready to staging a model apartment, 828 is here for a myriad of services & ideas.



Can be offered as part of the furniture delivery service.  This design goes hand-in-hand with the finishing details of the interior envelope.  828 can offer collaborating with your existing or sourced signage company or we can offer this as an in-house service.  Call us today for more detailed information!